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ISFA’s aim is to help its members become better craftsmen through sheer professionalism and honesty. ISFA achieves this goal by distributing industry-specific magazines, conducting trainings & holding events. With ISFA membership we are sworn to the highest levels of service and quality.

BSI (Building Stone Institute)

Siom is a proud member of the Building Stone Institute (BSI). BSI is an international body that is committed to promoting the use of natural stones by sharing information and knowledge to the natural stone community around the world.

ISO 9001

ISO is the world’s largest voluntary international standards body and as an ISO 9001 certified company, Siom Marble meets its high international standards in terms of quality, business processes and services.

MIA (Marble Institute of America)

Siom is a member of the Marble Institute of America which has been a reliable authority on standards, workmanship and application of natural stone products. As a member, Siom has access to over 2000 natural stone producers, exporters/importers, wholesalers, finishers and suppliers from around the globe. Siom, as well as every other member of the MIA, are committed to the highest international standards of quality and business ethics.