Why should I choose Siom?

Because Siom has over 25 years of experience in the marble business. We have provided our services to some of the biggest names in the region, such as the palace of the Maktoum Royal Family, Hotel Sofitel & The Beach. Our global certifications and affiliations along with our unblemished track record go a long way in proving our capabilities.

What kind of projects does Siom take?

Siom is capable of taking all kinds of projects – whether it is palaces, hotels, residential and office building etc. Our state of the art equipment combined with our highly trained staff ensures we can produce high quality material in a relatively shorter time. Learn more about our projects here.

Does Siom have quality control?

Absolutely. Our specialized quality control teams quality check the product at each stage of its production and installation process. Everything from importing the stone (if required) to production and delivery and installation is checked and double checked.

What kind of machines does Siom have?

Siom uses the most state-of-the-art European machines in order to ensure a high degree of precision. Apart from that, with these latest technologies Siom is able to do more amazing art into the stone. Some of the machines that Siom uses are Italian CNC machines, Water Jet cutting machines & auto Bridge cutting machines etc. Learn more about our machinery here.

Will we get after sales support?

Sure. Apart from ensuring Siom’s customers get the best possible product and service, we also ensure our team of experts is available and ready to help in case of complaints. Siom also works with its clients beyond the “defects liability periods” because we value our customers even long after the stone has been installed onsite.

Is Siom certified and accredited?

Yes. Siom is an ISO 9001 certified company along with holding key memberships with the Marble Institute of America, Building Stone Institute & the ISFA. Learn more about our certifications and accreditations here.

Does Siom sub contract?

We at Siom believe that in order to get top notch quality it’s important to do our production and installation in house. That is why Siom has over 80 unskilled workers and dozens of skilled operators that work on various aspects of production & installation.

Can Siom provide huge volume?

Yes. Our state-of-the- art machinery and almost one hundred trained workers ensure we can cater to high volumes. Please contact us here to more accurate details.