Mr. Maurice Nicolas Broummana

As the investor, Chairman & Head of Sales at Siom Marble, Mr. Maurice Broummana is the final decision maker in all matters relating to business strategy and direction. Mr. Broummana has more than 30 years of experience in the natural stone industry and is very familiar with all types of stones and types of finishes. Mr. Broummana is a seasoned and veteran professional in this business with strong relationships with top suppliers all around the world. He started working in the stone industry first in Saudi Arabia and then later moved to the UAE in the year 1988 and established Siom Marble in the year 1990. He has strong relationships with the royal families as well as the government. Mr. Broummana is known for his honesty and straight forwardness throughout the stone industry in the GCC. He frequently travels to various countries around the world to choose the best stones for his clients and to ensure that the quality meets Siom’s high standards.

Mrs. Dounia George Daaboul

She is the Managing Director and Head of Finance at Siom marble. As the Head of Finance she is responsible for handling month-end procedures, financial statements, working with the banks, managing cash flow and directly working on growth opportunities along with managing the payroll. She is also responsible for all the administrative work at Siom Marble along with getting the right people with the right skill sets and experience into the company.

Mr. Charl Broummana

As the Director of Project Management, Mr. Charl Broummana heads the production division – which also includes sourcing materials from suppliers locally and internationally. He also spearheads the Client Management division along with managing the relationships with the royal families. On a day-to-day basis, he works with engineers from various suppliers and third parties to hash out the details around project scheduling and resource management. He is responsible for the overall planning, management, execution and control of all of Siom’s projects and communicates and coordinates with all parties involved in order to effectively execute those projects.