“Siom is usually involved throughout the process: material specification, design, material sourcing, delivery & installation”

Some of our Products


Granite is ideal for external use. It’s resistance towards chemical and atmospheric conditions make it an almost indestructible stone. Granite needs minimal maintenance. Siom offers many choices of finishing: honed, textured, polished and fine axed etc.

Usage: Perfect for external applications such as buildings and bridges, however Granite looks absolutely fabulous indoors as well. It’s one of the most sought after materials for tiled floorings, staircases, fireplaces, countertops and paving stones etc.


Marble is strong, durable, and resistant to heat and exudes an elegant look that is not possible with other material. It’s the perfect stone for both internal and external use. Siom offers a huge variety of patterns, colors and hues with both contemporary and modern artistic designs. Choose marble that’s sandblasted, polished or honed flame textured.

Usage: Perfect for interior decoration, construction of palaces, houses, commercial & residential buildings including floorings, halls, countertops, staircases, kitchens & bathrooms etc.


Contemporary and strikingly beautiful onyx is a delicate stone. However, with proper care, onyx countertops and wall panels can be a gorgeous addition to your home or workplace. Onyx slabs featured at HG Stones showrooms feature stunning colors and charming patterns. Translucent onyx slabs can be back lit to accentuate the beauty of natural stone. Best when used for bathrooms, vanity tops and window installations.Usage: Apart from its other uses, Onyx can be used in kitchens, bathrooms of houses, palaces, hotels & residential and commercial buildings.

Other Natural Stones

Siom also deals in Blue Stone, Basalt & Slate – all of which have their own unique characteristics and offer their own unique kinds of beauty.

Come and see our natural stones for yourself by visiting our Showroom.

Services at a glance


Siom also provides design services for flooring etc. Siom’s engineers and designers visit the installation site in order to take measurements before we begin on the design work. We have the capability to do the design work on marble, granite & onyx etc. using cutting edge CNC machines.


Siom also delivers its high quality natural stone to designers, architects, contractors and general home builders.


The fabrication process is where the magic happens. Each kind of stone is processed according to its unique application and design goals. Siom has the latest machines to ensure each piece of stone is processed flawlessly and perfectly. The fabrication process includes surface polishing, engraving, hounding, antiquation & flaming etc.


When and if required Siom also has very well established relationships with the best suppliers in Europe, South America and the sub-continent. Our customers, therefore, get higher quality material and better lead times.


Siom uses water jet cutting machines to cut slabs of marble and other natural stones according to the specific requirements of our clients

Packaging, labeling & Installation

The entire packaging, labeling and installation process is carried out by our trained staff and is overseen by our strict quality control team.


After the fabrication work has been completed, the material is packed in wooden bundles according to highest safety standards.


After the design and fabrication phase has been completed, Siom installs the end product onsite according to highest standards of workmanship.


Siom not only holds stock of a wide range of natural stones, but we also have a display center where our customers can come and view the products for themselves. Siom also can deliver sample boards to your doorstep to make your stone selection even easier. This reduces the risk of ordering the wrong type of stone while also saving our customer’s time.

Material Selection

Siom goes out of its way to ensure customers get the right material, with the right fabrication at the right price. Siom goes the extra mile to hand hold customers through questions relating to material type, costing, usage of tools, appearance and expectations around longevity and maintenance.


Siom holds a wide variety of marble in stock so that our customers can see and decide on the kind of the stone they want without having to wait for long periods of time.